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Mission and Values


I am committed to empowering clients who may not otherwise have access to the justice system due to the high cost of legal services by offering flat rate and unbundled legal services. The mission of this firm is to provide high quality legal services to everyone in the community who needs legal representation at an affordable price; to empower clients to make informed decisions by educating them on the procedural and legal issues involved in their cases; to treat clients, judges, witnesses, court personnel, and opposing counsel with integrity and respect; and to be straightforward with clients on the attainability of their goals.

As a small firm, I provide an atmosphere that is welcoming to all members of society. The main purpose of this firm is to provide legal services to the middle class who are often unable to afford the cost of an attorney. I work with people in rural and urban areas throughout Colorado; focusing on the Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo areas. While the firm’s principal areas of practice are family law, landlord/tenant, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and discrimination/civil rights; I am eager to provide services in many other areas of law.


My vision is to offer trusted and empathetic legal advice to a diverse group of clients, allowing everyone access to first-rate legal services at a reasonable price. My goal is to provide skilled legal advice in a timely and efficient manner, and to be recognized as one of the leading firms embracing change within the legal community by helping the middle class access legal services. This vision reflects the values of this firm:


Empathy and Compassion

 Integrity and Honor



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